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If The Past Is Prologue, Saint Anselm College Is In For Another Rough Semester

In polls conducted 2 weeks ago by the SAC Student Response Task Force, 52% of students said they had a “negative” overall experience this semester, with 48% saying they were having a positive experience. The same poll was conducted on November 2nd, 2020 with 72% of respondents saying they had a “Positive” experience. That is a 24% swing in the opposite direction.

Immigration Bill Set to Reignite Partisan Flames as Biden Takes Office

With the new administration, one upside is that their proposed DACA legislation will be presented as a bill to Congress, not as an Executive order, seen by many as executive overreach.

What Now? Cabinet Appointments & Other Grave Consequences of the Georgia Elections

Now is the time for the Republican party to be unified, sticking together to stand up for Conservative values, most importantly the right to life and economic commonsense.

The Attack on the Capitol is the Epitome of White Privilege in America

From these events, there are many topics and issues that one can pick at and further discuss, but the issue that is most prevalent and urgent for the student body at Saint Anselm College to understand is white privilege.

White Privilege and Racial Inequality At Work in Capitol Riots

The riots that took place at the Capitol building were not only a destructive and immature display of the worst conduct but also showed how white supremacy has and continues to have such a domineering presence in the U.S.

A Libertarian Take On The Capitol Siege

Those that took part in the Capitol Riots need not look further than the political violence that they caused.

The GOP Now Bears a Heavy Burden. They Can’t Afford to Shirk Their Debt.

The GOP we knew before Trump is dead, and whatever rises out of Wednesday's misery will and must come from those Republicans who can admit: this was a mistake, enough is enough.

The Saddest Day of Our Democracy

Never before have we had domestic terrorists lay siege upon our nation's Capital. Today is truly a sad, despicable day.