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What Now? Cabinet Appointments & Other Grave Consequences of the Georgia Elections

Now is the time for the Republican party to be unified, sticking together to stand up for Conservative values, most importantly the right to life and economic commonsense.

The Saddest Day of Our Democracy

Never before have we had domestic terrorists lay siege upon our nation's Capital. Today is truly a sad, despicable day.

Rising Stars of the Northeast

These four political leaders are making headway and have become representatives of their respective ideologies.


As we entered the new year, and up until the vote today, it was still unclear whether or not there would be enough votes to re-elect Pelosi to the speakership.

President Trump Bows to Bipartisan COVID Relief Bill

With mounting pressure and little support from Republican members of Congress, Trump caved shortly after Christmas and signed the bill, granting emergency relief to those in most need.