Meet the Candidates: David Chairez ’22, President


David Chairez ’22 is running for freshman class president. (Photo courtesy of Chairez)

David Chairez is a Politics major and Philosophy minor from Los Angeles, California. He said the transition from one of America’s largest cities to the Granite State “has been great so far” but worries that may change once the weather changes and it gets colder. He said a big part of the transition has been his roommates, who “have been so helpful.”

He drew on his background in California, a melting pot of cultures and backgrounds, to come up with his desire to see a campus more united and more diverse. “It’s a thing of trying to encourage people to just be themselves,” he said “Be [whatever] culture they’re from…whatever you consider yourself to be…” He went on, “Don’t be afraid to show who you truly are.” David wants Saint Anselm College to be a safe space to show one’s true colors.

In high school, David was a member of the Associated Student Body, which is similar to a Student Government Association. Senior year, he was Class President and played a key role in raising funds for prom and dances, as well as organizing volunteers at football games and working with his high school’s Campus Ministry program. In an effort to involve the community with Saint Anselm College, David proposes holding a fair or carnival on campus. “I’m sure there’s a lot of money that goes into it,” he said on the topic of a fair, “But there’s also a lot of money we could get out of it.”

On the ongoing Class of 2022 debate over intervisitation, David said the discussion “only shows the times we’re getting into with younger generations coming into college.” He said he is fully supportive of ending the policy of intervisitation but recognized that it is going to be difficult because “we are a Catholic school and we do have those beliefs.” The process of change would go through the Monastic community and require something “not too aggressive but that shows that it is something that means a lot to us.”

He chose Saint Anselm College when he visited in April. He was looking for “a small school with that intimate relationship with professors and with other students.” He didn’t want to get lost in the crowd at a big school. David said that he knew Saint Anselm College was the place for him immediately upon arriving at the Hilltop “with that sense of family.” He said he knew it “would be difficult leaving California but, at the same time, it will be best for me to grow more as a person.” His favorite class is the freshman humanities course Conversatio, which is a very Anselmian course in its nature.

Although he is a New York Yankees fan, David said he would take off his Yankees hat when the Boston Red Sox win the 2018 World Series. His go-to order at the Coffee Shop is the buffalo chicken dip.

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